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IndonesiaJoin us on a leisurely wildlife cruise from Bali to Komodo and back. We sail from the exotic island of Bali, past Lombok and Sumbawa to Komodo, taking time en route to watch for whales, dolphins and seabirds, and to enjoy some of the very best snorkeling anywhere.

Indonesian seas are home to a wealth of whales and dolphins, with the deep-water channels between the islands being particularly productive. Eighteen species have been recorded from around Komodo alone. The tropical cetaceans we will be looking for include Spinner, Spotted, Indo-pacific Bottlenose, Fraser’s and Rough-toothed Dolphins, as well as Melon-headed, False Killer and Pygmy Killer Whales. But a particular target will be Eden’s Whale, the little-known tropical baleen species.

We will anchor most nights in a sheltered spot, giving opportunities for snorkeling on the coral reefs and for island visits. And a special highlight of this trip will be our two full days in Komodo National Park, with trips ashore to see the very impressive Komodo Dragons (and where we also expect to snorkel with Mantas).

IndonesiaFor birders, a major attraction will be the tropical seabirds. Possibilities include Streaked Shearwater, Bulwer’s Petrel, Swinhoe’s Storm-petrel, as well as Frigatebirds, Skuas and Phalaropes. There is also a tantalizing selection of endemic landbirds on many of the islands we pass, and there should be opportunities to visit some of them.

This trip is based on the sturdy, spacious and comfortable liveaboard MV Mermaid. She has a qualified captain and full-time chef. The twin/double cabins are all ensuite and air-conditioned.

Forthcoming trips:


Raja Ampat

25 Feb to 6 March 2019


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2 to 11 Sept 2019


Raja Ampat

26 Feb to 6 Mar 2020


Bali to Komodo and beyond

13 to 22 Sept 2020


Typical itinerary:

IndonesiaDay 1. Board our expedition vessel in Bali and cruise to Nusa Penida Island, looking out for dolphins en-route. There may be time for a coral reef snorkel after anchoring. After sunset tonight there will be an orientation talk, and on most other nights there will be a slide show.

Days 2-3. We will slowly work our way eastwards, past the islands of Lombok and Sumbawa, looking out along the way for whales and dolphins, flying fish and seabirds. There will be opportunities for snorkeling on the coral reefs and for island visits.


IndonesiaDays 4-6. We plan to have three full days within the Komodo National Park. There should be time to visit both Komodo and Rinca Islands to see the extremely impressive Komodo Dragons, and other wildlife. We will snorkel on some of the superb coral reefs, and hope to encounter Manta Rays at one site. And of course our main aim will still be locating and observing whales and dolphins.

Day 7-9. We return westwards to Bali by a similar route to that taken out, with plenty more time for whale and dolphin watching. However, we do expect to use different anchorages, allowing us to snorkel on different reefs and perhaps also to visit different islands.

Day 10. After breakfast we will sadly have to disembark and transfer to accommodation ashore or to the International Airport for flights home.

Manta and Komodo Dragon images courtesy Mermaid Liveaboards 

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