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Seychelles FlagThe lush tropical islands of the Seychelles are home to a stunning selection of wildlife, including great seabird colonies and rare endemic birds, reptiles and plants. And as icing on the cake, the waters around the islands hold an abundance of whales and dolphins.

One major aim of our holidays in Seychelles will be to visit Aldabra. This remote atoll has been declared a World Heritage Site on account of it unique geology and spectacular wildlife. It is home to the world’s largest population of Giant Tortoises, three species of endemic bird (including the last flightless bird of the Indian Ocean), and a host of other wildlife.

Melon-headed Whales, Seychelles Much of our time will be spent at sea searching out whales, dolphins and seabirds, but we will certainly make time to visit the atolls for swimming, snorkelling and wildlife-watching.

We will also visit many of the other fantastic sites that Seychelles has to offer, from our base on Praslin (one of the main islands). Praslin is the location of the Seychelles’ other World Heritage Site, the Vallé de Mai, home of the mythical Coco-de-mer and the elusive Black Parrot. It is also an ideal base from which to visit the nearby islands of Aride (a world-class seabird island) and La Digue (a beautiful step back in time, and last refuge of the Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher).

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Typical itinerary:

Seychelles Giant Tortoise Day 1. Depart on flight to Seychelles.

Day 2. Arrive at Seychelles International Airport and transfer to beach-side hotel. Remainder of day at leisure.

Day 3. Morning flight to Assumption Island by chartered plane. The flight to Assumption covers some 600 miles and will give us a real appreciation of the vast expanse of the Seychelles Archipelago. Board our expedition ship. Chance for an island visit or swim.

Days 4-9. Six full days exploring the outer waters of the southwest Seychelles in search of whales and dolphins. Sperm Whale, Seychelles This is a particularly productive area and we can expect to see impressive numbers of tropical cetaceans and seabirds. We will definitely make time for shore excursions to Aldabra Atoll (the world’s largest raised atoll, with its unique landscape, the world’s largest population of Giant Tortoises, the world’s second largest Frigatebird colony, a huge population of Green Turtles, plus a fascinating selection of endemic landbirds and some superb reef channel snorkelling). We will also visit Cosmoledo Atoll (famous for its large Booby population) and if time allows we may also call in at the remote Astove Atoll.

Seychelles Magpie Robin Day 10. Morning disembarkation at Assumption Island for return charter flight to Mahé. Then transfer by internal flight (just 15 minutes!) to island of Praslin. Transfer to beach-front hotel on the north side of Praslin.

Days 11-13. From our hotel base on Praslin we will make excursions to the Vallé de Mai (a World Heritage Site and home to the endemic Coco-de-mer and Seychelles Black Parrot, among others) and the spectacular seabird island of Aride (depending on sea conditions, to see thousands of tropical seabirds plus local endemics). We will also visit the nearby island of La Digue (to look for the gorgeous Petite Anse, La Digue Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher and visit what some say is the most beautiful beach in the World).

Day 14. Final day in Seychelles. Morning at leisure. Transfer to Seychelles International Airport by afternoon internal flight, for night flight home.

Day 15. Arrival at home.

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